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Here’s a milestone to celebrate: Last week Amy Palanjian and I posted the 60th episode of the Comfort Food Podcast, our podcast about the joys (and meltdowns!) of feeding our families and ourselves. Our guest, Jessica Jones, RDN of Food Heaven, recently wrote about dieting and intuitive eating for, and she came on to discuss whether it’s possible to practice intuitive eating and have a healthier relationship with food, while also wanting to lose or maintain your weight. (Spoiler: you can’t!) You can find that episode here.

If you’re new to the podcast, you might also be interested in some of our other most popular episodes! Here are the top five to get you started:

  1. Ep 37: How The Heck to Start Milk Weaning

    Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, weaning your baby or toddler from their first milk over to a cup can be a fraught process. We’re exploring why our cultural expectations about moms, toddlers and feeding make it so much harder—and brainstorming ways to make it go more smoothly. (As Virginia gears up to bottle-wean her own toddler!) Plus, fan favorite Nicki Sizemore of From Scratch Fast is back with some family-friendly ways to cook summer veggies. 

  2. Ep 17: Baby-Led Weaning vs. Purees—Do We Have To Pick a Side?

    Baby led weaning and purees are both perfectly acceptable ways to introduce a baby to solid foods. But this topic gets crazy heated among moms! We’ll talk through why so many folks believe there's just one right way to approach this milestone and whether you can combine the methods (spoiler: We sure did!). And we’ll get into some basics of BLW with our guest Megan McNamee of Feeding Littles.

  3. Ep 29: Intuitive Eating 101 with Evelyn Tribole

    You may have heard the phrase “intuitive eating” (we sure say it a lot!) but maybe you aren’t sure what it means. And maybe you’ve heard it’s a good weight loss strategy. Today we’re talking with Evelyn Tribole, RDN, the original Intuitive Eating Pro, about how you can put intuitive eating into practice, what it can mean for your kids—and why it isn’t a diet.

  4. Ep 43: Mealtime Mental Load Struggles with Darcy Lockman, author of All The Rage

    Why do most men do so little at home—and especially in the kitchen? Why are women (still!) doing so much? Darcy Lockman is on the podcast this week to talk about why mental load tasks like grocery list making and meal planning and prepping are still especially gendered—and what we can do, to find a better balance.

  5. Ep 40: Intuitive Eating Secrets from a Mom of 5 (with Melissa Griffiths of Bless This Mess)

    It can be daunting to raise one or two healthy, happy how about five?! This week, we chat with Melissa Griffiths of Bless This Mess about how she's raising her kids to honor their hunger and fullness cues, trust their bodies and love family meals...even when they don't love what's being served! We also get into her secrets for sharing the load and her snack drawer strategy.

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