And how do we talk about our outfits without talking sh*t about our bodies.
Friday Thread: What Fashion Rule Makes You Hate Fashion? The bullshit thing about these rules is that they are “supposed” to make getting dressed easier but they actually make it so much harder. 
"Can I Make My Kid's Candy Disappear?" with Amy PalanjianListen now (40 min) | All your Halloween questions answered
Division Of Responsibility is supposed to be the anti-diet way to feed kids. Then the influencers arrived. 
Friday Thread: How Do You Handle Diet Talk?How do you turn self-deprecating comments into a constructive conversation? Or, failing that, set effective boundaries for yourself? 
When You Don't Give a F*ck About Their DietListen now (19 min) | What to do when people aren't looking for the kind of support you can give.
Behind the scenes of my recent Bustle investigation into the app that convinced you it wasn't a diet.
Friday Thread: How Do You Cook With Kids? They need to learn these life skills, and in theory it could be fun. But how do you manage the mess, the stress, and the additional labor of this? 
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