Friday Thread: What Should We Talk About Next? Would love to know what anti-diet conversations you want to be having here. 
Unlearning Diet Culture at School, with Gwen KostalListen now (26 min) | We won't get fatphobia and diet talk out of the classroom unless parents and teachers work together.
Universal free school lunch could save us all, but diet culture is getting in the way.
The Venn Diagram of MLMs and Diet CultureInspired by @annehelen and @_megconley to say: What's your MLM/diet culture story? 
Writing Disordered Eating, with Alyson Gerber Listen now (31 min) | On moving away from the stereotypes and creating fully formed characters.
Plus, thoughts on rejecting the Evil Mom trope and keeping readers safe.
Back To School Lunch FeelingsLunchbox shaming? Diet culture messaging in the classroom or cafeteria? Difficulty making sure your kids get enough (or enough time!) to eat during the…
Your Kid Doesn't Need You to Notice Her Posture.Listen now (33 min) | Also: When your husband makes you the bad food guy and it's a drag that Grandma doesn't eat bread.
What Kid Food Freaks You Out? What food does your kid love to eat in a way that makes you nervous? If you’ve worked through this, tell us what helped you let go of this food fear. I…
Building a World for Fat BodiesListen now (30 min) | How to find safe spaces for plus folks and be a good thin ally, with Nyemade Boiwu and Janet Conroy-Quirk.
Kids need boundaries, but diet culture teaches parents to set the wrong ones.
We All Have More Thoughts On Meal Planning.This topic turned out to bring up ALL of the feelings. Let's process them together...