Ask Virginia

A monthly Q&A with my reported answers to your questions on navigating diet culture, fatphobia, parenting and health. Please note that I am a journalist and a human, not a medical professional. These answers are for informational and educational purposes only, aren’t a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice.

Plus: Eating while pregnant and is it a failure to feel "too full?"
Plus: What to do about complimenting weight loss, hangry toddlers, and why nutrition doesn't have to be your top priority at every meal.
Kids need boundaries, but diet culture teaches parents to set the wrong ones.
Listen: Some of us are going to be fat and that has to be okay with the people who love us.
We need to think more about how diet culture expectations influence our picky eaters.
Banning Barbie is a bit like being the anti-McDonald's mom: It’s not that you’re wrong. But it takes a lot of privilege to be that strict.
There is nothing wrong or pathological about eating a lot of food, no matter your body size.
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