Ask Virginia

A monthly Q&A with my reported answers to your questions on navigating diet culture, fatphobia, parenting and health. Please note that I am a journalist and a human, not a healthcare provider. These answers are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice. Send your questions to (or hit reply on any newsletter!).

Plus how to navigate fat-as-insult and reclaim juice. It's Ask Virginia: Little Kids Edition.
What she tells us about thin privilege, anti-fatness, and white woman fragility. And introducing: It's Not NOT a Diet.
It's going to be very delicious and good for both of you.
How to navigate anti-fat bias in schools, and in your aging body.
Fat shaming is one of the top reasons kids get bullied. Here's what we do about it.
Carbs after dark, drinking your calories, and other myths.
Navigating anti-fat bias in eating disorders, and at Mommy Wine Night.
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