The Burnt Toast Podcast

Weekly conversations about how we dismantle diet culture and fatphobia, especially through parenting, health and fashion. (But non-parents like it too!) Hosted by Virginia Sole-Smith, journalist and author of THE EATING INSTINCT and the forthcoming FAT KID PHOBIA.

The Value and Visibility of Momfluencer BodiesListen now (41 min) | Parsing the motherhood we're allowed to see, with Sara Petersen
"We All Know Too Much About Nutrition."Listen now (36 min) | How to Raise an Intuitive Eater with Amee Severson
"The Goal Is Not A Kid Who Eats Everything."Listen now (36 min) | Amy Palanjian on backup meals and releasing our shame over frozen burritos and Eggo waffles.
The New Burnt Toast Podcast! Listen now (28 min) | Plus: What to do about toddler grazing, how to respond to casual fatphobia and dieting holiday hosts, and yes, ice cream can be…
"Healthcare for Fat People is Based on the Premise that it's Acceptable to Kill Us to Make Us Thin."Listen now (39 min) | Fighting weight stigma on behalf of our bodies with Ragen Chastain
"Ankles Don't Get Fat at the Same Rate as Butts." Listen now | On the problems with plus sizing and building a space for fat fashion on Instagram, with Corinne Fay, founder of @SellTradePlus.
"If We Could Care Less about Nutrition, Our Kids Would Have a Healthier Relationship with Food."Listen now (27 min) | Answering subscriber questions on DOR and dissecting your response to "What Instagram Gets Wrong About Feeding Your Kids."
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