Burnt Toast Is Hiring!

Are you awesome at Substack and dismantling diet culture? Come work for me!

UPDATE: This position has been filled! Thanks so much to all who applied.

Thanks to all of you reading/subscribing/sharing, Burnt Toast is growing! And my beloved longtime research assistant/editor is moving on to a fancy new job (yay, Jessica!) so I’m sending up the bat signal that we have an opening to fill, fast. I’ve worked with amazing part-time research assistants for the past seven years, so I know I can’t function long without one.

The right person for this job is:

  • A college graduate with a passion for writing and journalism, looking to learn the ropes of the industry from a freelance writer’s perspective.

  • Ruthlessly detail-oriented, reliable, efficient, and obsessive about accuracy. 

  • A persevering and creative problem-solver (a lot of reporting involves hitting dead ends and figuring out how to regroup and restart).

  • Experienced with Substack, Google Docs, WordPress, Otter.ai, and generally comfortable with your computer being an extension of your brain in all ways.

  • Confident with social media.

  • Passionate about calling out anti-fat bias and other forms of stigma; you don’t need to know the entire history of the fat acceptance movement, but you do need to be a critical thinker who thinks beyond the press release or the study abstract.

Weekly responsibilities include: Editing the transcripts for the Thursday audio newsletters; proofreading, formatting and adding images to both the Tuesday and Thursday posts; and updating my portfolio website. I’ll also ask you to pitch in more sporadically on a variety of research tasks for newsletter essays, feature articles, and my upcoming book. This can range from tracking down sources to doing deep dives into scientific literature or other archives.

Your work will be a mix of weekly deadlines (for the newsletter) and longer lead projects, averaging 5 hours per week. This is a virtual, part-time 1099 gig (no benefits, sorry!). You can set your own hours, as long as you meet deadlines. Starting pay is $20-25/hour based on experience.


Email your resume and cover letter to virginiasolesmith@gmail.com, subject line: "Research Assistant." (Don’t just hit reply to this email!) If you have published clips, a blog, a strong Twitter, whatever, please include so I can get a sense of your voice.

*I will try my best, but may not be able to respond to all applicants. I plan to fill the position as soon as possible, so if you don’t hear from me by October 18, you can assume this wasn’t a fit, but I still really love knowing that you read the newsletter!