Feeding Your Family

The Comfort Food Way!

If you’ve ever struggled with family meal times and wished it could be easier, have I got the ebook for you. Amy—my co-host over at the Comfort Food Podcast—and I have taken the wisdom that experts have shared with us over 50+ episodes and distilled it down into a jam-packed, 50-page digital book called Feeding Your Family, The Comfort Food Way.

We take you through 8 concepts that will form the foundation of your understanding of how to feed kids and give you a firm starting point for improving mealtimes in your house. We’re here to reassure and inspire. We’re here to remind you that you’re doing a good job. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone in the daily challenge of feeding your family. We’re here to help.

You can learn more about the book and pick up a digital copy here.


I wrote about Mary Cain, diet culture, and being a “good girl” for Health magazine:

Every woman recognizes the Good Girl thing when we see it, because we live it. The Good Girl was who we were trying to be when we got those grades and did all our homework; when we learned to share and sit quietly at our desks and raise our hands while the boys shoved each other and spoke out of turn. And the Good Girl is who we’re still trying to be when we white-knuckle through the deprivation of yet another diet, when we apologize for taking the second brownie, when we laugh off the creepy comment of a male colleague, when we smile and clear the plates at a dinner party while the men continue to make their loud and important points, when we get up with the baby again because our husband “just doesn’t hear him,” when we drag ourselves back to the gym even though we’d rather sleep because we haven’t lost the baby weight yet. I haven’t done all of these things, but I’ve done most and many others and I know you have more to add to that list. A Good Girl makes herself smaller in a thousand different ways, a thousand different times a day, because she knows that’s what the world expects of her.

You can read the whole essay here. (And it’s part of a great series of stories on diet culture in the age of body positivity, which you can find here.)

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