What's Your Diet-Turned-Comfort Food?

After I wrote about reclaiming Diet Coke last week, we had a fun chat on my Instagram about diet foods that turned into comfort foods, either because you were raised to love the taste of aspartame (like me!), or once you stopped dieting, and gave yourself permission to eat all foods, it turned out you actually do just really like green juice. So I thought that would be a good conversation to bring over here, as well, for my inaugural Thread post.

To be honest, I’ve been really nervous to try out a Thread: I write about diet culture and parenting, and I’m pretty sure those are the two most divisive topics to discuss on the Internet? So this is an experiment. I’m going to set a few ground rules and see how we do… and if it’s fun and community-building and troll-free, then Friday Discussion Threads will become another regular perk available to paid subscribers!

But just for today, I’m sending it out to the whole list, so we can all try this out together.

Ground rules to keep things friendly:

  • No fatphobia: Avoid the use of “o words” and other stigmatizing language. (“Fat” is fine if you identify that way or use it as a neutral body descriptor.)

  • Avoid numbers: No calorie counts, pounds gained or lost, or other details that could be triggering to folks in eating disorder recovery.

  • This is an anti-diet space: No body shaming, and no promoting of diets or intentional weight loss in any way, please.

  • Virginia has the right to delete or block anyone for general troll nonsense.

OK! So now, I’d love to know: What diet food have you reclaimed for yourself? Or, if that sounds impossible, what diet food did you used to love…but it turned out the non-diet version IS legit so much better?

(My answer to the second question is smoothies I DON’T put kale into.)