Feb 3, 2022 • 26M

"Is My Body Too Big To Be Pregnant?"

Plus: Your body is not a trash can, and our preconceived notions about portion size.

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Weekly conversations about how we dismantle diet culture and fatphobia, especially through parenting, health and fashion. (But non-parents like it too!) Hosted by Virginia Sole-Smith, journalist and author of THE EATING INSTINCT and the forthcoming FAT KID PHOBIA.
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When your providers are emphasizing weight to you, I think this is something you can feel free to push back on and say, “Look, if I am at higher risk, we don’t know that the problem is really my weight—or the care you’re going to give me because of my weight.” 

Hello and welcome to Burnt Toast! This is the podcast about diet culture, fatphobia, parenting…

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