Our Bodies. Our Fight. (Here's a Space To Cry/Yell/Whatever You Need.)

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I was half-parenting, half-working when I got the news about the end of Roe, and it took a full hour for me to take it in enough to cry. I kept making turkey sandwiches because democracy died, but we still needed to eat. I’m numb because we knew this was coming but now it’s here and it’s worse than we expected because this is a country where a person with a uterus doesn’t have the right to their own body, but anyone can carry a concealed weapon and JFC, where do we even begin?

You know I’ll say we start in the states (and if you were on the fence about helping us protect choice in Arizona I hope you’ll join us now!).

Save Abortion in Arizona

I will also refer you back to this post, if you need a reminder about what life was like before Roe. (It will be worse now.) And we will fight and donate and do all the things.

But for now, if you need a space to cry, vent, whatever — comments are open to all. Please be kind and respectful and gentle with each other. Share stories, resources and support.

Abortion is a fat rights issue. And also basic healthcare and a fundamental human right. And if you need help accessing one, I will help you.

PS. If what you need right now is to NOT talk about this, I get that too. And here is this morning’s delightful thread about summer clothes, if you need a brain break.