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Thanks for this blast from the past--I subscribed after this (or otherwise missed it?) so I appreciate it! I don't have kids but am just starting to look at my disordered eating and how I've internalized diet culture, and the way you'd talk to kids is how I want to talk to myself. Like, what am I hungry for? And how much? And I can just have rice for dinner if I want! I know it's not exactly the same because I'm 38 😂 but this stuff is still really helpful, so thank you <3

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I am really curious what you would change here - maybe that means I’m not a very observant reader, or maybe it’s because I’ve pretty much locked into the “is your kid ok!” as the metric of judging how I feed my kid. I struggle to be organized enough to do DOR or any more specific feeding advice, and my kid has sensory issues so we are always calibrating where to nudge and where to hold back. But - Virginia, I mentally thank you for what I’ve learned from your work everytime I hear my kid push back on someone with “ice cream IS a healthy food. ALL foods are good foods.”

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