Thank you so much for this, and for calling out the issues with journalism. As a freelance writer I see a lot of this conflict of interest too.

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Virginia and others: I'm a parent of two college-aged men. I was a very restricted/disordered eater myself (weight watchers + always on the edge of over-exercising) and it's only recently I see the problems it caused in my parenting, when I thought I was helping.

As I do my own work I realize how deep this issue goes for me, and I wonder how to undo damage in my relationship with my kids. They are both big guys and we all enjoy eating and cooking and going to restaurants. Way too often some comment about choices or portion size sneaks out of me. You'd think it would be easier to stick to a "say nothing" rule. I've been trying to acknowledge the issue and apologize and explain a little about where it comes from for me -- but not sure that helps.

Anyone have advice or experiences to share?

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I think it's great that you are acknowledging your issues and how they have affected your raising your kids. After you apologize and tell them something about your struggle, give them permission to say to you, "Back off Mom!" every time you make an inappropriate comment.

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It's 6 PM here in Berkeley and I am eating (unheated) canned black beans, with just a little No-Salt added (It's potassium chloride, not sodium). This is on top of a week or so of healthy eating while inadvertently running a calorie deficit. Am I trying to drop a few pounds? Yes, because I have low arches, wear orthotics, and have to limit the time I spend on my feet.

It helps my tennis game too. I chose to build my tennis game as a hobby in retirement that was much more complex than running 10k's and lifting weights.

Meals are not so much planned as they are improvised. Breakfast is usually a couple of tortillas and cheese washed down with Thompson's Irish Breakfast Tea. Lunch is usually rotisserie chicken and more tortillas, with maybe a boiled potato. Supper can be more chicken and microwaved frozen peas.

Dessert is usually a cocktail, accompanied by lots of water. This setup leaves me plenty of time to stretch, do squat jumps and jumprope, shadow swing my service motion, etc.

If I ever get to play travel tennis tournaments, I plan to live on Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast, sirloin salad, and French Fries.

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