Universal free school lunch could save us all, but diet culture is getting in the way.
And why I’m f*cking doing it anyway.
How do I get my parents to stop talking about their diet in front of my child?
Because illness isn’t a moral failure and “doing everything right” has never been a guarantee of health.
Part 1: "Will it Be Trousers For Women?"
We cannot idolize their nutrition while ignoring the classism, racism, and misogyny on their tables.
We may need this on a t-shirt: Fatphobia is always the X factor.
Division Of Responsibility is supposed to be the anti-diet way to feed kids. Then the influencers arrived. 
The Value and Visibility of Momfluencer BodiesListen now (41 min) | Parsing the motherhood we're allowed to see, with Sara Petersen
And the complicated history of kids' bodies and mother blame.
Wrapping up the year with a whole pile of gratitude for you, friends.