Friday Thread: So, Just... How Are You Doing? I don’t have a pithy question for you this week. But I do want to know: How are you? If you were anticipating holiday food weirdness last week, how did…
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And the complicated history of kids' bodies and mother blame.
On navigating body talk, food shaming and perfectionism at the holidays.
Friday Thread: Who Do You Love in the Anti-Diet Space? Let's talk activists, authors, podcasters, Instagram influencers, etc: Anyone doing the real work of dismantling anti-fat bias and diet culture. 
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Friday Thread: How Does Gender Impact Your Feelings About Your Kid's Body?How does gender show up in the way you parent your kids around food and body size? Or, how did your parents’ gender (and your own) inform your family’s…
"If We Could Care Less about Nutrition, Our Kids Would Have a Healthier Relationship with Food."Listen now (27 min) | Answering subscriber questions on DOR and dissecting your response to "What Instagram Gets Wrong About Feeding Your Kids."
We cannot idolize their nutrition while ignoring the classism, racism, and misogyny on their tables.
Friday Thread: Were Your Grandparents OK? As parents we worry so much about what the grandparents are saying to our kids about food and bodies… but what did our grandparents say to us? How do w…
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