Your Best Car (or Anytime) Snacks

This thread is inspired by yesterday’s podcast episode, because Corinne said she wanted snack suggestions for her drive from Maine to New Mexico. Of course, as the timing worked out, Corinne and Bunny are on the road as I type this! So snacks have surely been acquired. But we can still offer inspiration if she checks in from a road stop, plus don’t we all, always, need new snack suggestions?

I do most of my snacking in the afternoon, when I’m either at my desk or with my kids, and either way, I default to Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, or a raspberry yogurt with some granola on top. They are both delicious but… could my 3pm life be more special? Excited to hear your ideas. (And yes, these can be homemade snacks or store-bought — we don’t believe in snack hierarchies here except that Cheez-Its are forever superior to Cheese Nips and other imitations need not apply.)

As always, please remember this is an anti-diet space. Let’s keep things friendly and follow my Thread Ground Rules. With food discussions, this is especially important. As my four-year-old would say, don’t yuck anyone’s yum! And don’t apologize for what you love to eat.