Friday Thread: Which Processed Foods Have You Reclaimed? (Or Wish You Could?)

Okay, last week’s Thread on the diet foods we genuinely love was so much fun (and so friendly and so troll-free!) that y’all have persuaded me these should be a regular feature. They will usually be loosely inspired by the week’s essay, but we’ll also just see where the wind takes us — feel free to suggest your own ideas for Thread topics in the comments below!

I’m going to throw one more of these out to the whole group, and then starting next Friday, Threads will be a perk for paid subscribers only. So if you haven’t done that yet, know that you’ll get to rant on various diet culture/fatphobia-related topics in a safe, troll-free space while also supporting independent journalism on these issues at the same time. Win/Win! (More on why I’ve added paid subscriptions and what you get for $5 a month, here.)

Ground rules to keep things friendly:

  • No fatphobia: Avoid the use of “o words” and other stigmatizing language. (“Fat” is fine if you identify that way or use it as a neutral body descriptor.)

  • Avoid numbers: No calorie counts, pounds gained or lost, or other details that could be triggering to folks in eating disorder recovery.

  • This is an anti-diet space: No body shaming, and no promoting of diets or intentional weight loss in any way, please.

  • Virginia has the right to delete or block anyone for general troll nonsense.

And now I’d love to know:

Are there any processed foods that you wouldn’t let yourself have on diets and have now joyfully reclaimed? Anything that you’re surprised you feed your kids without guilt?

Or, any processed foods that you’re working on giving yourself full permission to eat? (We’re here to cheer you on, if so!)

Chime in here and have a great weekend, friends.