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The Ballerina Farm of Kid Food Instagram

The Ballerina Farm of Kid Food Instagram

Tasting the problematic rainbow of Kids Eat in Color. Plus: Are baggy, black clothes comfy or fatphobic? It's March Extra Butter!

Welcome to Indulgence Gospel After Dark!

It’s time for your March Extra Butter. This month we’re answering a reader question about baggy, black clothes. Then Virginia takes Corinne down a rabbit hole to unpack the rainbow produce, and subtle food- and fat-shaming, of Kids Eat in Color.

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Extra Butter Episode 5 Transcript

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Okay, we're going to start today with a listener question, and then we're going to dive into one of the influencers that you all ask us about most often. 


You might call her the Ballerina Farm of kid food influencing. I'm really proud of that little teaser there, just so you know. 

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Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith
The Burnt Toast Podcast
Weekly conversations about how we dismantle diet culture and fatphobia, especially through parenting, health and fashion. (But non-parents like it too!) Hosted by Virginia Sole-Smith, journalist and author of THE EATING INSTINCT and the forthcoming FAT KID PHOBIA.