Sitemap - 2021 - Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

You're My Marmite

Covid, Fat Cells, and Journalism's Personal Responsibility Problem

What Were Your Food & Body Wins This Year?

"The Goal Is Not A Kid Who Eats Everything."

That Time I Bought 50 Pairs of Jeans. For Science.

What Are Your Hair Rules?

The New Burnt Toast Podcast!

Ask Virginia: Am I Snoring Because I'm Fat?

Friday Thread: So, Just... How Are You Doing?

"Healthcare for Fat People is Based on the Premise that it's Acceptable to Kill Us to Make Us Thin."

Book Research Roundup: Mamas On Diets

Family Says The Silent Part Out Loud

Friday Thread: Who Do You Love in the Anti-Diet Space?

"Ankles Don't Get Fat at the Same Rate as Butts."

Ask Virginia: Can My Kid Eat Cake For Breakfast?

Friday Thread: How Does Gender Impact Your Feelings About Your Kid's Body?

"If We Could Care Less about Nutrition, Our Kids Would Have a Healthier Relationship with Food."

The Fallacy of Eating The Way Your Great-Grandmother Ate

Friday Thread: Were Your Grandparents OK?

"I Spent My Whole Life Wondering if There Was Room for Fat Folks to Fall in Love."

Book Research Roundup: Diet Culture At Your Dinner Table

Friday Thread: Your Best Tween Fashion

"You’re Showing Up in the World, and Nobody is Fooled," with Dacy Gillespie of Mindful Closet

Who Gets to Blend In, Who Gets to Break The Rules?

Friday Thread: What Fashion Rule Makes You Hate Fashion?

"Can I Make My Kid's Candy Disappear?" with Amy Palanjian of Yummy Toddler Food

What Instagram Gets Wrong About Feeding Your Kids

Friday Thread: How Do You Handle Diet Talk?

When You Don't Give a F*ck About Their Diet

The Strange Mythology of Noom

Friday Thread: How Do You Cook With Kids?

Intentional Weight Loss and Other Rationalizations.

What To Do If Your Kid Gained Weight During the Pandemic.

Friday Thread: What's Your Body's Story?

Fatness Is Not The Trauma, with Rachel Millner

What We Get Wrong About Trauma and Fatness

Burnt Toast Is Hiring!

Friday Thread: What Should We Talk About Next?

Unlearning Diet Culture at School, with Gwen Kostal

Please Stop Romanticizing Your Child’s Lunchbox

The Venn Diagram of MLMs and Diet Culture

Writing Disordered Eating, with Alyson Gerber

Body Positive Bookshop: Middle Grade and YA

Back To School Lunch Feelings

Your Kid Doesn't Need You to Notice Her Posture.

What Kid Food Freaks You Out?

Building a World for Fat Bodies

Ask Virginia When Is It Restriction, and When Is It Good Parenting?

We All Have More Thoughts On Meal Planning.

Yes,Your Kid Can Eat Two Breakfasts.

The Tyranny and Misogyny of Meal Planning

What's Your Simone Biles Moment?

It's Nice to Be Soft, With Tyler Feder

Body Positive Bookshop: Picture Books

Friday Thread: Which Processed Foods Have You Reclaimed? (Or Wish You Could?)

Maybe You Just Think Rice Makes You Sluggish? With Christy Harrison

So, What About Processed Foods?

What's Your Diet-Turned-Comfort Food?

Don't Make Your Kid Finish The Soup.

Why Food Isn't Neutral

Reclaiming Pasta with Anna Sweeney

Reclaiming Diet Coke

"That's Unethical as Hell."

Skinny People Die Too.

Why We Seek Thin Privilege, with Aubrey Gordon

So How Do We Talk About Our Bodies Now?

Decoding Growth Charts with Anna Lutz, RD, MPH

Ask Virginia: Is My Child’s Body Size My Fault?

Welcome to the new Burnt Toast.

The Grandparents Are Not OK

But What About Health?

Why Is Getting Dressed So Hard. (Part 2)

Ask Virginia: The Kids Who Don't Eat Enough

Why Is Getting Dressed So Hard. (Part 1)

On Trusting Little Kids To Eat

Ask Virginia: Feminist Mom in a Barbie World

I Guess We're Still Talking About Pandemic Weight Gain.

What If I Can't Say "Fat?"

How To Explain Diet Culture to Kids

Oh! Oh! Oreo

Making the Modern Ob#sity Epidemic

Ask Virginia: Skinny Girl Eating Pizza

Ask Virginia: The Thing Your Husband Really Needs To Read

How We're Surviving.

Sibling Food Fights


No Time For Sedatives