Sitemap - 2022 - Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

"I Don’t Have to Manage the Expectations of Another Person on My Body"

The Burnt Toast Annual Report: 2022

What Are You Most Proud of, for 2022? And What's Your Anti-Diet Resolution for 2023?

"I Love a Beautiful Home, But it Doesn't Rank Higher than Being Able to Function in My Space."

Why Don’t Brands Care About Plus Size Kids?

What Are You Reading Right Now?

Winter Coats, Holiday Parties, and Good Comebacks

On Expecting Kids to be Older and Us to be Younger

How Do You Respond to Diet Talk From Loved Ones?

Can We Conquer Anti-Fat Bias?

The Myth of “Regular” Exercise

Community, Comfort Food, and Always More Salt

How Are You Doing?

“The Assumption is I’m to Blame for How She Looks.”

“I Wish They Had Just Loved Me Instead of Trying to Fix Me.”

What's Saving Dinner For You Right Now?

We Can Trust Neurodivergent Children About Their Bodies.

But Why Is The Toast Burnt

What Are Your Best Fat Girl Clothing Hacks?

Where Are All the Plus Size Kids' Clothes?

"Do I Wear Spanx to Family Court?"

All the Halloween Costume Feelings

It's OK to Want More for Your Daughter than Sexy Donut Waitress

I Didn't Write About Taylor Swift

What Diet Culture Rule Still Haunts You?

Calling Kids Lazy, Building Fat Community, and Halloween Costumes

5 Diet Culture Rules To Break

How Do You Feel About Photos?

"My Daughter Now Asks Me: 'Why Are You Shaving Your Legs?'"

What Makes A Food Healthy?

What's For Dinner Next Week?

"I Sometimes Wonder What I Would Be Capable of if My Legs Didn’t Hurt."

Meal Planning is Like Democracy

What Are You Reading Right Now?

It's Time to Talk About School Lunch (Again)

"Nobody Looked At the Largest Mom In the Room."

Your Best Car (or Anytime) Snacks

Feeling Bloated, Sober September, and Fall Soft Pants

FAT TALK: We Have a Cover!

What Are You Wearing Right Now? (Fake Fall Edition)

The Myth of the Maternal Instinct

Perfectionism and the Performance of Organizing

What's Your Non-Diet Culture Hobby?

When Dieting Is the Family Business

Should You Get Rid Of Your Scale?

“All Are Welcome Here” Is Very Different From “This Was Made With You in Mind”

August Book Club: Essential Labor

All of The Butter!

Is Sugar Really Addictive?

What's Your Song Of The Summer?

“Budgeting is Diet Culture For Your Money”

I Know Victoria’s Secret

How Do You Respond to Body Compliments?

The Perfect Roast Chicken Does Not Exist.

It's the Same Problem.

How Are You Feeling About Exercise Right Now?

"We Couldn't Have a Campaign That Was Just For Fat People."

Where Does Your Diet Culture Show Up?

How do ageism and fatphobia intersect for you?

"The Way Our Hair Grows Out of Our Heads is a Problem for People."

What Thin Kids Need to Learn About Fatphobia

What's Your Butter?

"Well, if we have to break the law, how are we going to do it?"

What Makes A Diet "Medically Necessary?"

What If We Just Talk Gardens Today.

You Never Need to Wear Skinny Yoga Pants

July Book Club: School For Good Mothers

All Of Our Bodies Are Under Attack

"Health Is About More Than Food. Health Is About The Whole Child."

What's Your Summer Comfort Food?

On Reclaiming Comfort Food

Let's Talk About You

Our Bodies. Our Fight. (Here's a Space To Cry/Yell/Whatever You Need.)

What You're Wearing Right Now (Summer Edition)

Why Anti-Thin Jokes are Anti-Fat

Old Navy, Black Hair, and White Ballerinas

How Do You Set Diet/Body Talk Boundaries With Friends?

Nobody Asked Mark Bittman Why He Needed Childcare.

Who Gets To Call Themselves Fat?

Friday Thread: What Are You Reading?

"Skincare Culture is Dewy Diet Culture"

One Year Of Writing Emails

What Are Your Anti-Diet Wins?

The Toxic Intersection of MLMs and Diet Culture

On Diet Culture and Democracy

What Else Can We Do?

Do We Owe It To Our Kids To Be Healthy?

Perpetually Mistaken For Pregnant

OK, Now Let's Talk About You.

Skinny Husbands, Bad Bras, and Talking Bodies with Kids.

The Cautionary Tales of Vogue Mom and Fat Sam

How Do You Think About Care Work?

Essential Labor and Essential Pleasure, with Angela Garbes

Abortion Is A Fat Rights Issue

Bodies Under Attack/Feeling It In Our Bodies

"Nutritionally Reversing" Disease Is Not A Thing

Our Bodies, Our Fight

Book Research Roundup: Are Screens The New Sugar?

How Do You Respond To Body Shaming?

Calf Liver Gummies Are Not Delicious.

Would A Person Who Cares About Thinness Think I Look Good in this Swimsuit?

Who Do You Want To Yell At?

Stop Apologizing For How You Cook

No One Needs Your Workout Selfies

“The More You Feel Like You Don’t Have Permission to Eat It, the More You Will Crave It."

Help, Parents: How Do We Fix The Internet?

You're Missing: Homeschool Diets and Monomeals!

Is It A Diet? Or a Homeschool Curriculum?

Book Research Roundup: Fatphobia During Puberty

What Fashion Rule Do You Love To Break?

The Myth of Visible Abs

Why "Building a Healthy Baby" is Bullshit

Who Helps You Redefine Beauty? (And Should That Be The Goal?)

When The Pregnancy App Talks About "Belly-Only Weight Gain," We Have Work To Do.

"What If I Just Don’t Want to Be Fat?"

Who Do You Love In Fat Justice Work?

"They Say 'Failure to Thrive' but Moms Hear 'Failure To Feed.'"

On Accountability and Starting Points.

Friday Thread: How Are You Feeling About Clothes?

It's Time to Stop Panic Giving.

The Science Is In

So. Puberty.

This Diet Wants You To Throw Out All Your Food.

Is It a Diet? Still Yes.

Fatphobia, Aesthetic Athletics and Youth Sports

How Does Food Show Up In Your Relationship?

"If My Daughter Wanted to 'Eat Healthier,' I Would Respond Like She Wanted to Smoke Cigarettes."

On Saying No To the Scale

How Has Releasing "Food Rules" Helped Your Family?

What Thin Fashion Designers Don't Know About Fat Bodies.

That Time I Bought 60 Pairs of Jeans. For Science.

How Do You Feel About Workout Selfies?

Getting The Thin White Momfluencer Out of the Room.

"What Do You Do When Your 20-Year-Old Orders Two Milkshakes for Breakfast?"

Can We Talk Fatphobia and Kids' Sports?

"Is My Body Too Big To Be Pregnant?"

That Time I Bought 56 Pairs of Jeans. For Science.

Let's Talk About “Mild” Covid

Your Best Mindless Entertainment, Please?

"Using Weight as Our Main Marker of Health Isn't Working."

Book Research Roundup: Diet Culture In The Classroom

What's Your Lockdown Comfort Food?

The Value and Visibility of Momfluencer Bodies

We Need A Better Way To Talk To Kids About COVID-19

What's Your New Year, No Diet Resolution?

"We All Know Too Much About Nutrition."

Will This Diet Be Better Than The Last?