Sitemap - 2023 - Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

"I Can Eat Without Somebody Judging Me Now."

The Year In Butter

What's Your Secret Butter?

Fat People Don't Need Fat Hammers

The Burnt Toast Annual Report: 2023

Do We Have to Discuss Oprah

It's Time to Free the Jiggle

Does My Body Matter if I'm Not Thin, Young Or a Mom?

What's In Your Bag?

"We Needed To See a YA Heroine with PCOS."

We Need to Talk About The Millennial Tuck

I Do Laundry Every Day Now

The Bonkers TikTok Diet Nobody Needs

The 2023 Body Liberation Gift Guide

Kids Don't Need a Barbie Feet Workout

What's Your Local Diet Culture?

Do You Have A Fall Uniform?

"It Felt Like I Could Never Be Healthy Enough."

The Burnt Toast Guide to Eating With Other People

They Can't Have Her Hair

Not Every Piece of Nutrition Advice is Bullshit

The Anti-Fatness of Good Hair?

Who Invited the Casual Fatphobia

"This is Not a Book About Body Positivity. This is Not a Book About Ballet."

I Couldn't Let You Miss the 45 Minute Poop Song

"Drug Manufacturers Can Do the Math."

Do You Have A Ritual?

Where Are All the Motherhood Songs

When Anti-Diet Influencers Go Awry

Is There An Anti-Diet to Alt-Right Pipeline?

Notes on Single Mom Dinner

Sports Bra Science

"We Have Only Recently Acknowledged That Female Athletes Need to Eat."

How To Write a Newsletter

What Are You Listening To Right Now?

"Living in a Fat Body is Beautiful and Complicated Sensory Experience."

October Live AMA!

The Burnt Toast Guide to Kids & Sugar

Can We Quiet Quit Social Media?

Not Wearing Pants Yet

Tiny Women, Big Houses

Relationship Status

The Fat Theater Kids Survival Guide

Some Personal News

Yes, Fine, It's (Almost) Sweater Weather.

Sexting is Safer Sex

Does My Kid’s High Cholesterol Need a Diet?

What's Your Cozy Fall Watch?

All the Gnomes Are Fat

It's Live AMA Time!

The Burnt Toast Guide to Diet Culture in Schools

Can We Divest Kids from Achievement Culture?

September Brain but End Of Summer Reads

Family Dinner SOS

Why Food Sensitivity Tests Are Dangerous for Kids

What Should We Talk About Next?

"You Don't Have to Be Bleeding, You Could Just Not Want to Exercise."

Moms and the Food Sensitivity Myth

What's Your Flop Around Outfit?

It’s Not Your Body, It’s the Towel.

When Diet Culture Comes to Soccer Practice

But We Do Still Need Fat Barbie.

He Asked, "Why Can't You Draw Normal People?"

The Burnt Toast Guide to Kids & Anti-Fat Bias

What's Your Butter Right Now?

Weeds Are Not a Moral Failing

Hungry At The Plaza

What's For Girl Dinner?

"I Don't Let My Son Eat Honey Nut Cheerios."

Can Ozempic Quiet the Food Noise?

Summer Reading Lists!

The Problem Isn't Flaming Hot Cheetos, Part 2

Let’s Talk About You, 2023 Edition

What Can Doctors Do Better For Fat Patients?

The Problem Isn't Flaming Hot Cheetos, Part 1.

The Wedding Guest Strategy

"Do I Tell My Kids I'm On a Weight Loss Drug?"

The Burnt Toast Guide to Weight and Health

What Are You Eating This Summer?

Where Are All the Guys? (In Eating Disorder Treatment)

Do Old People Need Less Food?

How Has Fashion Failed Your Body?

"I've Been Writing Food Porn for a Year."

What I Wore On Book Tour

Let's Talk About Fridays

Everybody Is Paying To Be in the Same Parade

Two Years of Writing Emails

Do We Owe Our Children Fitness?

When Beauty Work is a Rational Survival Strategy

"I Told My Nephew My Weight Was a Secret."

Is Introvert Burnout A Thing?

The Myth of "Full Recovery"

Michelle Obama Is Not Coming To Save Us

Where Do You Find Body Liberation Community?

The Dream Is a Federal Fat Rights Law.

Book Tour Diary

How Did You Decide to Have/Not Have Kids?

Why Are Men and Viking Grandmas

Am I Failing if My Kid Eats In Front of the TV?

High Priestess Roll Call

“Elimination Diets Are Not A Panacea.”

A FAT TALK Love Note

A Perpetually Evolving List of FAT TALK Resources

Welcome To The Indulgence Gospel

"I Want My Kid to Love Their Body. I Also Don't Want Them to Be Fat."

Let's Talk About Amazon

The Book That Burnt Toast Built

It's Your LAST Chance to Preorder FAT TALK!

What Do You Do When Clothes Don't Fit?

The Myth of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Yay Team FAT TALK!

Does My Kid Need a Fitness Tracker?

Let's Talk Gardens!

What If I Just Don't Want My Kid To Be Fat?

The FAT TALK Book Tour!

The Myth of Equal Partnership

Underwear Science

What Do We Call This Thing We're Doing?

The Whiteness of Not Wanting to Diet Anymore.

Why I Retired From Packing Lunch

Style Icons and Style Stories

How Do We Feel About Fat?

Are Capsule Wardrobes Just for Thin People?

Do We Need to Talk About Gwyneth.

"White Supremacy, That’s the Culprit. Our Bodies Are Not the Problem."

Stop Trying To Teach Your Toddler Nutrition

Introducing the Burnt Toast Bookshop!

Should I Tell My 13-Year-Old to Take Smaller Bites?

Can Mainstream Media Stop with the Lady Mag Pieces About Ozempic.

What Are You Comfort Watching?

"You Are Not Considered a Whole Person After a Certain Age."

Book Report: I Miss Diet Coke Edition

What Are You Reading Right Now?

"This Was Before It Was Normal for Makeup to Give You New Skin."

Mass Moves Mass

When Do You Call Yourself Fat?

"I'm Nervous to Take My Kids to the Doctor Now."

The Curious Tale of the Midsize Queen

What Are You Letting Go?

"It's Not About Growing The Biggest Booty"

Control Is Not Love

What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

Shining Light On What We Need to See

The Human Cost of Anti-Fat Bias

OK, Let's Talk About the AAP Guidelines

Is It Ever Okay to Eat at Chick-fil-A?

If You Give a Kid a Doughnut

What's Your Best Travel Hack?

Your 2023 Anti-Diet Resolutions

Packing While Small Fat

What's Your Winter Comfort Food?

"We are Not Living in a World Where Too Many People are Trying Too Many Things to Defend Fat People."

This Newsletter Now Brought To You By Melatonin

How to Tell if Your Resolution Is Rooted in Diet Culture